Marvel Gaeaverse Pe...
By tylerjg04
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This story is for ages 18 & up. This is not an MCU fanfic. This is one of those "Superior Spider-Man" trope Fanfics. But there's a twist to it. In this one, some of the characters, that act OOC, are more true to the personalities of the characters. Such as Cyclops being a better person, She Hulk being a jokester like Peter, Hawkeye is a nicer guy & not an overgrown child who complains alot and someone who is good friends with Spider-Man, Odin not being a total ass & has compassion, and most heroes, in this story, actually suspect that Spider-Man may have been possessed or mind-swapped by one of his enemies. But a more shocking and unexpected twist is that Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and Teresa Parker, are the most recent Children of Gaea, the Mother of Pantheons, the Elder Goddess of all Earth. And yes, that image cover is indeed Marvel Gaea in one of her forms.

A/N: Heads Up

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Marvel Ga...
by tylerjg04