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By zealousniaz
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❝Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best.❞ Who is the true villain in this story? Zayn Malik has always been the good guy, forever doing what he can to make sure that justice is not only served, but done so fairly. Which is why he went into law enforcement. However, one day he's assigned to his biggest case yet and he's plunged undercover into the world of the Brooks family and the criminal empire they lead. With his close friend and co-worker Adiv, he plans to destroy the mafia from the inside out, thereby putting an end to the corruption and terror it incites. Then he meets Raven, niece of the Don, and she changes everything -- his role within the organization, his feelings, his goals, his morals, and ultimately, who he is entirely. And like the waves of the ocean insidiously erode the shore, something of innocence becomes something else entirely. WARNING: This story has scenes of possibly intense violence, mature content, death, descriptive sexual content, drug use/references, and foul language. Please read at your own discretion ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: some violent scenes can be very intense Started: July 8, 2022


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by zealousniaz