Just Like Him [Hiro...
By Blaze-Of-Arendelle
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[Under editing becoz of typos, grammatical errors and other mistakes :>] Meet (Your name) (Last name), a simple 14-year old girl who transferred to San Fransokyo with her family. At first, she was teased for being a little too smart for her age but as she goes to a famous institute of technology in town, her new found friends have accepted her ability with open arms. That is, because there was one guy in their group who's exactly the same as her. As their friendship becomes stronger, more hardships come closer, and more similarities try to appear, Will their feelings be similar as well? -CAUTION! THE CHARACTERS OF THE STORY WILL SOMETIMES BE OUT OF CHARACTER WHEN YOU REACH THE LATER PARTS! PLUS, AUTHOR'S NOTES ARE INCLUDED IN STORY PARTS SO SORRY IF IT'S A DISTURBANCE! :)-

Author's Note & Some Points To Remember

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Just Like...
by Blaze-Of-Arendelle