Soar With Me
By crazym07
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Evelyn Melgren is a CEO, living in Seattle with her lovable dog. She spends most of her days at her workplace, trying to make her company reach the corners of the city. One evening she meets the person from her past who owns a whole book in her library of memories. The person she'd tried to let go of, but couldn't. The person she loved with her whole being, and then lost herself for. Warren Archer is the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire. The guy who's been battling the memories that are in the shape of the girl he's loved since high school. The girl he never wanted to hurt, but ended up doing that. The girl he's loved with every corner of his heart. Ten years later when Evelyn and Warren cross paths. The universe plays with their heart strings, and the feelings that have died begin to resurrect. The dead love in one's heart starts to kindle due to the blazing heart of the other. A series of circumstances set in, and they get to have a second-chance at their story.


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Soar With...
by crazym07