Piece By Piece. (Cy...
By sparedceiling
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Quirkless does not mean powerless. From a young age Izuku Yagi while behind the curve in terms of "normal" society due to his quirkless status. He was leagues ahead in terms of ingenuity, dedication, creativity, and sure will. Inventing was Izukus passion aside from that Of heroics. Building his own engine at the age of 10 Izuku was an extraordinarily gifted child and his passion for engineering only grew with age. Outcasted by both his family and society Izuku found hope in machines, when an idea struck him. "Quirks are biological no matter how strange they may be, anything can be replicated." And thus started his goal to make it so anyone could be a hero no matter the person. It's a shame that an "accident" happened to utterly cripple and disfigure the young prodigy. By tooth and nail he will reclaim what was taken, piece by piece. It was time for the world to see that hero's weren't born, they were built. Feel free to support me over on Patreon, YouTube, and Instagram! *links in Bio*


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Piece By...
by sparedceiling