QT : Just For Your...
By BlackRose285
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Li Mingze, a orphan came to Country B as a transfer student. He was originally a loner but fell in love with his desk mate and bestfriend Mu YiChen. but he never dare to express his adoration in those 7 years. He loved him silently all these years and enjoyed little things. Even after the graduation Li Mingze accompanied Mu YiChen as his best friend. But God was not happy with him. One day he received a call from Mu Yichen's parent and was told that Mu YiChen met a car accident. His world fell apart. His brain went blank as he started to run towards the hospital when He saw a car rushing towards him but he didn't even had the power to dodge. The car ran over him. he saw his own blood before dying but he didn't feel fear or pain of dying. There is only one though in his heart. why? just why he didn't dare to confess? maybe if he confessed then today would be different. Li Mingze heard a beeping sound when he opened his eyes and looked at the black shadow in front of him. "Welcome Host, I am your assistant 04." Li Mingze : ..... 04 : Host doesn't have any questions to ask so please be ready to transmigrate and complete missions. 3...2... Li Mingze : I am not doing this. ..1.... Li Mingze who got transmigrated in his first world : ....I am not doing any missions. 04 : ...... Li Mingze tried to suicide but got saved. 04 : Host is not allowed to die. Li Mingze again tried but this time he got saved by a wild man. ??? : We just got married and you ran to commit suicide. Li Mingze : ....

Li Mingze

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QT : Just...
by BlackRose285