He Has My Vote. (A...
By xNicoleStylesx
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Ever since he first walked on stage we had a connection, as much as I tried to deny it. I was falling hard for Wesley Stromberg more and more each day. The world doesn't know about us, nor will they ever, they can't. I'll be fired, he'll be disqualified. He's the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile now, he's the only person who can make me feel like I'm special. He treats me like I'm just a normal person, and not America's sweetheart teen sensation Demi Lovato. I love him, without him I would be nothing....they can't take him from me? Can they? Will we be able to stay secret lovers or will the world find out? Or will Wesley's new come fame get the best of him?

He Has My Vote. (A Wesley Stromberg/Emblem 3/Demi Lovato Fanfiction)

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He Has My...
by xNicoleStylesx