Saving Steele {Bill...
By WhiskeySeattle
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Celeste didn't think it couldn't get any weirder than waitressing at an exclusive erotic masquerade ball for the uber-rich. Then she caught the eye of her gorgeous billionaire boss, Griffin Steele. What started out as one night of anonymous hedonistic bliss quickly spirals into full-blown feelings, catapulting Celeste into the cruel world of the rich and powerful. **************** GRIFFIN STEELE: I've never lost my head over a woman and I've sure as shit never been in love because it's a myth. A chemical farce masquerading as temporary insanity. It's all a game of give and take, but to men like me, it's a ruthless takeover. At least, that's what I told myself. Then that twenty-something temptress waltzed into my world and upended everything. CELESTE MARTIN: Talk about a weird night. I got harassed, assaulted, and fired (not necessarily in that order) before spontaneously combusting into raw sexual energy with my former boss. And Griffin Steele wasn't just a worldly billionaire-slash-untouchable Green Tech god. From his dusky blue bedroom eyes to his aura of quiet power, the man was hazardous to my health (and my underwear). We were a burst of ephemeral magic. An incredible fluke that left my legs quivering and my body craving so much more. And unfortunately, it can't 👏 happen 👏 again 👏 2023 WATTYS SHORTLISTED STORY 🏆

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Saving St...
by WhiskeySeattle