Meant To Be Togethe...
By Victor_TheRiper
  • Short Story
  • anime
  • dragon
  • dragonmaid
  • elma
  • fanfic
  • firstlove
  • lemon
  • romance


One day, in the city of Koshigaya, south side of Tokyo, Elma, who happens to be from another world dimension, alongside with Tohru, Kanna, Ilulu, Fafnir, and Lucoa, and to arrive Earth and meeting newer people like Kobayashi, Takiya and more. She then happens to be friends with them, and yet to work in a company building with Kobayashi and Takiya, she's been living the best life in earth, making friends of course, and also the deliciousness food they have in Tokyo, which she enjoys it a lot about the food. So things for Elma was looking pretty good so far....but then again...there's one thing that bothers her, every time she sees Kobayashi and Tohru togther, Ilulu and Aida, Fafnir and Takiya, Shouta and Lucoa, and Ilulu and Saikawa....she feels...left alone...she wanted something like what they have...but how? She's never experience something like that before, and she always thinks she never will have a partner with her like them....but then...luck has come to her, as she then finds herself someone, who works in a fast food marketplace, and yet...who this person happens to be the right one off her...what happens next? Find out!


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Meant To...
by Victor_TheRiper