The Prodigal Wolf (...
By shaibee
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•BOOK ONE of the Faerie Tale Series• Natalia is the odd one out. She has no hope of ever really finding her place within the pack, how could she when she lacks the most important thing to be a part of the pack, a wolf. So, she plans on leaving to attend the State University four hours away. She never even dared to hope that she would have a mate, for how could she recognize them without a wolf to direct her? Then, she runs into Adam. The pack's enforcer. He's been on the peripheral of her life for as long as she could remember, and she never thought much of it, until she discovers he's her mate. And he refuses to let her go. -------------------------------------------------- "I was packing yesterday," Natalia told him, a quiet dread pooling at the bottom of her stomach. "Packing?" he parroted back. She could hear her family shift awkwardly from where they stood as she nodded, "Yes, packing. I'm leaving for school tomorrow." Instantly his face filled with fury, "You are not leaving," he growled. "I have to go I-" He cut her off, "You are not leaving me, MINE." "Adam, its school, I have to go..." she trailed off as he stalked out of the room, brushing past her parents. Confused, she listened to him jog down the stairs. She slid off the bed and to her window when she heard the front door close. She fought tears as she watched him walk down the drive way, was she really going to be rejected so quickly? Her jaw dropped as she watched him wrap his arms around a small tree in her yard. His muscles contracted (and his butt cheeks) with force as he yanked the tree from where it was rooted. Shifting it so it was held in his hands, he walked to the family car, pushing the tree through the hood of the car and all of it's mechanics as easily as a knife through butter. He turned around and looked into her bedroom window daringly, "MINE!" his voice roared throughout the forest, causing a flock of birds to leave the shelter of a near by tree.


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The Prodi...
by shaibee