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By diputs2
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Y/N is a seemingly average citizen of the cozy little town called Mondstadt and her only goal is to find the Darknight Hero after he saved her many nights ago. On a night stroll through Mondstadt's moon-lit fields, she comes across a dark figure followed by a flash of bright red. Could it be.... The infamous rumored Darknight Hero? Stay to see just how exactly the quick-witted, bold Y/N charms the cold but caring owner of The Angel's Share. This chance encounter...will it stay a pleasant memory, or turn into something more...? My desperation to pull for Diluc has escalated into a fan-fiction Rankings: #3 in dilucxreader (04/06/22) #1 in dilucxreader (04/12/22) DISCLAIMER: None of the pictures used belong to me, all credit goes to their respective creators. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people, organizations, religions, places, or events are purely coincidental and used in a fictional manner. I will not tolerate: - Any offensive comments to characters in my story - Obnoxious/foul language - Being rude to the author or other readers - Reposting my work without my permission

Part 1 - Playing with Fate

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(New) Pla...
by diputs2