QT: Sir, Please Ste...
By F4d1ngCl0udS
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Warning!! (VERY. VERY SLOW UPDATES! I only update when I feel like it or when inspiration hits me!) This is an amateur's work and i'm just doing this for fun so do not expect scheduled updates. I was a little bored so and I couldn't find more good QT stories so I just tried to make one myself ♪ヽ(*'∀')ノ Feel free to give me suggestions and advice! It will help~ --- Long Feiyan is a genius. To be exact, a perverted genius. ~ "Uwahh! I should have listened to my colleagues! I should've expected no one is perfect! But why? A pervert?" The little hamster was aggrieved. Long Feiyan: "Hah, it's not my problem. It's none of my concern as you were the ones that picked me." Little hamster: "Yes, yes! I know that already! Just please do the task right and stop drooling over men!" Long Feiyan: "You mean those hot men? I don't want to~ It's my only salvation in these boring worlds." "But host~! Stop playing around, the less time you take on completing the task the higher your achievement and rewards will be!" Whined the little hamster. Hot man: "No, the longer you are in the world the better. You would be able to drool over me right? What more can you ask for?" Long Feiyan nods, "Indeed that is true! What more can I ask for than drooling over hot men? I agree! I want to stay a bit more in the world!" "I want to quit! I will fill out the resignation letter! Fck your mother!" The little hamster finally exploded.


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QT: Sir...
by F4d1ngCl0udS