The Exchange Studen...
By irwinxx5sos
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Scarlett Taylor Anderson is a normal 17 year old that lives in America, but is going to be in the exchange program. She is moving to Australia for a year. She wants to be in the exchange program for a few reasons: it will be a cool experience and she can meet new people. She met her host family, and for her 18th birthday, October 5th, her host parents get her tickets to see her favorite band: 5 Seconds of Summer. She goes to the concert, and meets the boys backstage! She hits it off with the drummer and her favorite, Ashton Irwin. They begin to date, but what happens when her family finds out, especially her sister? What happens when the fans find out? How will a Ashton react? Will their relationship be destroyed? Find out in "The Exchange Student - An Ashton Irwin Fanfiction"

Chapter 1 - Prologue

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The Excha...
by irwinxx5sos