TBATE - The Help of...
By IAmYourSenpaiLight
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Preston Lang was society's monster. From birth, he was called a Demon Child merely for killing his mother at birth. His father was no better, for leaving the two after he found out his mother was pregnant with him. His father was a deadbeat, who was identified as a womanizer by many. At a mere age of eight, he ran away from his hometown, sick and tired of the bullying and harassment he suffered daily. Resenting his father, he learned the way of the sword over the course of four years through a retired swordmaster and traveled around the world defeating and killing many experts merely trying to find his 'way of the sword', as instructed by his master. After two years, he failed to find his way of the sword, and became a shut-in and read novels for over six months. An interesting one he came across was TurtleMe's The Beginning After the End, a reincarnation story with a character he could relate to, in a sense. One day, on his way to get food, he encountered an interesting swordsman and exchanged blows for no longer than ten minutes before being stabbed through the back, and finding out said swordsman was actually his deadbeat father, who had abandoned him even before birth. Whether luck be on his side or otherwise, he happened to be chosen by a certain being higher than even that of a God. He was given the chance to transfer his soul to another world and reincarnate with another chance at life, where he can protect his family and friends this time around.


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TBATE - T...
by IAmYourSenpaiLight