The Camping Trip *...
By ILovePickles13
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5 years ago Alli and her family go on a camping trip with some family friends at St. Joe State Park. A four wheeling, dirt biking, and dune buggy camp ground. Once they get there different people are in the campsite next to them, the Grier's. The families end up being friends and go on this trip a couple times every year. Alli and Hayes are now 13 and Hayes starts to think he has feelings for Alli but hasn't told her. Alli starts to have feeling for someone else and Hayes doesn't like him. Will he tell her and find out if she feels the same way or will he hide it and try to forget about it so he doesn't ruin their friendship? Read to find out. I'm sorry for everyone who happen to enjoy this story but I can longer bring myself to finish it. I started writing this book when I was 13 and of course my life has change. The way I was writing this story began to not make sense in my head anymore and I have lost motivation. I will leave this story up for the memories but there will be no further updates. I hope everyone who really did love this story understands but I am no longer the same girl with them same mindset as my younger self. Eventually I may publish something else and if you enjoyed my 13 year old writing I hope you look forward to that because I have gotten much better. I have many drafts of some thoughts but I don't know if theses works will ever come to light. I will let you know that I will no longer write fan fiction in my work to come. Thank you to all of the people who read and enjoyed this book.

Chapter 1

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The Campi...
by ILovePickles13