An Eye of the Cosa...
By rieriely
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RHYLE HELLIXIR IMFERION WAGON a woman with red eyes, eyes as hot as hell. A leader of the second most dangerous mafia organization, behind her success, she has a secret hatred towards men that caused her to abandon love, she has a dark past that no one planned to enter, a woman who will give you a taste of heaven before indulging in hell. X-THER FAUGHN CIENFUEGO the most powerful man who led the first most dangerous illegal organization, one of the richest businessman and most successful who owned a high class real estate, he only loved once and never followed by another again, toyed by the destiny and twisted by the waves of the flow of time, a man that will make you beg for your life, will make you question about your existence, a man that will make himself satisfied with your blood. The time will come when the two leaders of the two powerful organizations in asia, and other continents will compete, is it the end? or just the beginning? Will destiny give them a chance? Started: May 12, 2022 Finished: June 7, 2022 ------------------- The book cover is from: Pinterest (CTTRO) ------------------- Tres Patroncitas Trilogy #1


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An Eye of...
by rieriely