Pretty Punk Cherry
By AylaDare
  • Romance
  • alt
  • band
  • college
  • drama
  • grunge
  • horror
  • punk
  • romance
  • submissive
  • suspense


Mature. Viewer Discretion is advised. *The people inside of this work are FACE-CLAIMS. This has no correlation to any IRL individual.* The story of a young woman who finds her style, self worth, and strength through the power of friendship, and true love. With a punk twist. In 2010, living in suburban CHICAGO IL, Alice Mariposa Anderson, 19, wishes for a teenage dream of sex, drugs, romance and fame. A Punk Rock life is a fantasy that corrupts her daydreams every waking hour, and her love of music only fuels it--but it's a life that'll only come true if she abandons the strict religious rules of her parents Christian household, and takes a chance on her new punkstar neighbors across the street. ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ Harlow Silver is a 21 y/o drummer for an underground scene/punk band named Bloody Valentine, moving from a loud, trashy New York City apartment to a quiet house in Chicago to escape his grim, horrific past. While also seeking out answers only Chicago could give him. But when he moves in across the street from a prudent, annoying, religious girl looking to bust out from her protective shell, he's forced to face his fears and break through the mental barriers that bind him to his trauma. And maybe, just maybe, love again. ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ Enemies to Lovers. Slow burn. A.U. Previously a Harry Styles Fan-Fiction.


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Pretty Pu...
by AylaDare