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Ambitious high school newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Kit Clark, stumbles upon the story of a lifetime while investigating missing Journalism funds but her slimy principal, Mayweather, will use any means necessary to bury the lede. --- Honors student Katherine "Kit" Clark is looking forward to senior year as the new Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper, The Buccaneer Bulletin. Determined to hit the ground running with a ragtag team of writers, she wants to break a huge story. The biggest story the Bulletin has ever seen. There's just one problem: Principal Mayweather keeps stepping on her toes and thwarting her attempts to uncover the story of a lifetime. But that's not the only obstacle in her way. After Rafe Cabey, star Varsity baseball pitcher, decides to add one more extracurricular to his college applications, Kit finds herself babysitting Mr. Popular at the request of her new advisor, Mrs. Peabody. As she wars with Rafe at school, things at home aren't any better. She's at the center of her newly divorced parents' petty games, which is why she's more determined than ever to get into a college far away from her small Kansas town. When her former advisor, Mr. Lutheran, gives Kit proof that Principal Mayweather is involved in something shady, Kit finally gets her big break. And she's forced to choose between covering up the truth, or printing the story and losing a full-ride scholarship to Northwestern. Will Kit have the gumption to make headlines? Or will she bury the lede?

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by jessihansen