His Return
By Ghostt_00
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A Percy Jackson in Tartarus Fiction This is not your regular cliché story. This is realistic. This, is HIS RETURN. Percy Jackson was loyal to the gods. Loyal to his friends, family. He was innocently thrown into Tartarus by Zeus while his friends did nothing to object. He spends 7 years in Tartarus. His time in the pit changes him. What will he do when the gods suddenly need him for yet another threat that is cast upon them? What will Percy do when he finds out that he left a massive surprise with Annabeth on Earth. Two surprises to be exact. Will he help them? Or will he make them pay? I would like to think that this is well written and not rushed, but for me to be sure, I'll need to hear your opinions. READ TO FIND OUT!!!!! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. UNCLE RICK DOES!!!! Just a warning. There is swearing, although not much. Only light smut. So little that it's not even considered smut A couple of the lines in Tartarus are from the original book, just to make it more intriguing and realistic. I limited them though, most of the lines are mine. Published: 15th April, 2022 Rankings: #1 - Nyx #1 - Betrayed tag. #1 - Pernyx tag. #1 - Primordial tag. #1 - DarkPercy #1 - Olympians tag. #6 - Tartarus tag. #3 - Annabeth tag. #4 - Jiper tag. #13 - General tag.

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His Return
by Ghostt_00