Silently Falling in...
By GauriDevi
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Silently Falling in Love Trilogy Summary: When it comes to life there are three aspects to it. FATE, which is predetermined. KARMA which is how you shape and carve your path. And DESTINY? Well that's what happens when your Fate and Karma merge together. Silently Falling in Love is a trilogy that follows a couple on their journey in three different scenarios in that their FATE is slightly altered. When your FATE is altered how do your KARMA and DESTINY change? Book One: SILENTLY FALLING IN LOVE: LUCKY CHARM In the best of movies, the girl and the boy, finally get together and with a kiss on the lips and a promise of commitment the two ride off into the sunset together. But this is real life. It's easy to fall in love. Staying in Love? That might just be a little more difficult. A story of a wife and a husband as they draw the line between who they used to be when they first met and who they are now. The only unanswered question is whether their hearts still beat for each other with the same intensity it did before or not.

Silently Falling in Love: Lucky Charm

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by GauriDevi