By _iiiinfinity_
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • beautiful
  • beauty
  • dangerous
  • deceiving
  • enchanting
  • escape
  • evil
  • help
  • inhumane
  • manipulating
  • monster
  • royalty
  • run
  • woods


Year 2035, the year the world became fully corrupted, violence was everywhere. A war was what started it all, everyone was dragged into it, not a single soul was spared. The hatred our human kind contained overthrew any other emotion, leaving us to act irrational. The war ended with millions dead, the world was in black and grey, and as if it could not get any worse incurable diseases spread easily among the ones living. The ones that escaped the vile touch of the disease hid underground with whatever they could scavenge. They waited till the disease killed itself off, when they decided to come up to the open they found a strong stench of death welcoming them. The few hundred that survived began to burn the bodies to get rid of the diseased. A new era was then born, an era with Kings and Queens, an era mixed with the present and the past. However, things started going downhill as people resorted to the use of dark magic, history began repeating. They kept ignoring the warning of others. Thus the continued use came with a huge consequence, in the form of a beautiful creation. A creation that holds captivating beauty, no soul, and tremendous power.

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by _iiiinfinity_