Falling In Love Wit...
By lynzsims
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"I'm Aiden," he said then held out his hand. "Yeah.. I.. I remembered.. Aiden. You're Nate's best friend slash brother." "Oh, you don't prefer handshakes? Hugs, kisses?" he asked. "What?" I asked. "Nevermind. So.. who do you like at the moment?" "What?" "Just answer the question, Charlotte." "Uh.. why do you wanna know?" I ask him. "Alright.. since that made you feel uncomfortable.. do you have a boyfriend?" "Um.. that made me feel more uncomfortable, Aiden.." I told him. "Sorry, but I wanted to know before I got to know you a little. I don't want any competition. Because you're a really pretty girl, you know that, Char?" he said to me. That made me blushed a little. "Um.. no. I don't have a boyfriend..." I answered. *We start off with Charlotte Ridgeway, age 17. Her twin, Charlie Ridgeway, age 17 as well. Duh, because they're twins. They're both in high school, obviously. They don't really look alike, I mean they do, but they aren't like, identical, different genders, you know.. Anyways, Charlotte switched schools because her family had to move, so now she is known as the new girl, same goes for Charlie, the new guy. Charlotte meets this really nice guy, Nate. Nate has this best friend who is the biggest jerk in school, school's player, bad boy, Aiden Throns. Nate tells Aiden that he really likes Charlotte. Aiden and Nate are like brothers, I mean, Nate was adopted by Aiden's parents, so Aiden cares about him, like he is his biological brother. Aiden thinks that Charlotte is using Nate for his brain, because Nate is a super smart guy, knowing Charlotte, she had a brain tumor, so she isn't the brightest/smartest. Aiden will do anything for Nate, so he decides that he is going to make Charlotte fall in love with him. Does he accomplish that? Will she fall in love with him, the bad boy? Read to find out!* Credits are mines. PG-13!!!

Chapter 1: New school New me

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Falling I...
by lynzsims