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**The story is nit mine, for offline reading purposes only.** PLEASE DON'T VOTE. JUST READ ONLY. THANKS Luo Ning was struggling in the entertainment industry, and the moment she finally won the Best Actor trophy, she was smashed to death by the overhead chandelier, in order to save her own life , he bound a "happiness system", going to various worlds to distribute warmth to blackened men and reverse the fate of male supporting roles. His appearance is exquisite, sweet and sultry, enough to fascinate every male partner... How can the amnesia boss be so good, he wants to eat you in one bite! Domineering president baby, I was wrong, can I kneel on the washboard? Lame master, I caught you, you are my only light. [Cheezy, naive and cute vs paranoid, blackened male support] *********************** CREDITS TO: AUTHOR: TINGHAN SOURCE: https://www.118yuedu.com/239502/

Chapter 1 Amnesia Big Brother's Little Sticky Cake (1,2)

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[Quick we...
by chibi_frost