Building Bridges
By PrinceKenzie
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Sequel to "Pleasure Doing Business" Silas Delaney is a man lost in the world. After waking up from a coma and remembering nothing but his younger brother he felt insecure, afraid, and confused. His family rallied around him for support whenever he needed someone, mainly his younger brother Sullivan. Ever since waking up a man named Derek has been there for him as well. With the help of his family and Derek, Silas learns how to live again. But flashbacks and memories start drifting into his dreams and turning them into nightmares. Who is the cold voice in his dreams whispering his name, the name of his brother Sullivan? The voice, it feels familiar, but he can't remember from where. He's scared to ask his family about a man with a deep cold voice because what if they think he really is crazy? He doesn't want to lose the family he just got to know, so he keeps his mouth shut, but it only gets worse. Will Derek be there to help Silas build the bridge to get over his demons and live a happy, healthy, and loving life? Or will an old demon win and send Silas spiraling out of control once again?

Prologue-Ring Around The Rosie

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by PrinceKenzie