Brain Games
By WritingxNicole
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First year interns get tangled up in an enemies-with-benefits relationship while competing to be the top resident and get the best cases. ***** Delilah Harper has wanted to hold a scalpel in her hand since she was five. She's gone to the best pre-med and medical school, and now she's onto the best hospital in the country to start her residency. Everything is going according to plan with her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Except one little thing. Bradly Gallow. Stupidly tall, dark, and handsome Brad. Not only is he undeniably attractive, but he's also extremely arrogant and, unfortunately, intelligent-despite his stereotypical, air-headed frat boy name. Since day one of medical school, Delilah and Brad have been duking it out to be at the top of their class. And as fate would have it, they both match at the same hospital across the country to start their residency, continuing their rivalry. While competing to be the top resident, the two come up with the self proclaimed Brain Games where they battle for the best cases and keep tabs to see who will help perform the first major surgery. The games seem simple enough, until tension, sexual frustration, hidden feelings, and seemingly unfair advantages come into the mix to complicate everything. Who will win and who will lose? A spin-off of The Scars of Anatomy.

Brain Games

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Brain Gam...
by WritingxNicole