Freckle Boy
By urnotrobbedanymore
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"Why is it the best book?" He asks, innocently. Oh, boy. "Cause it has tons of sex scenes," I answer honestly. I'm nervous about where this conversation is going, but I hide it. I smile seductively and look up at him through my eyelashes. "Oh, yeah?" He smirks, getting even closer to me. "Mmm," I hum, unable to form words. He walks forward enough so that his body is practically pressed up against mine. With my back against the wall, I have no where to go. He focuses his gaze on my arm as he traces the scar that's formed there. His touch ignites my skin and makes my whole body feel like it's on fire. "Which scene is your favorite?" He asks, his voice almost a whisper. I wait for him to meet my eyes. When he does, I can see something burning in there, something that can only be put out one way. I swallow once to gather up enough courage to say what's next on my mind. "Want me to show you?" ------------ WARNING: MATURE THEMES THROUGHOUT BOOK. WILL BE SPECIFIED IN AUTHOR'S NOTE.

author's note

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Freckle B...
by urnotrobbedanymore