The Royal Tragedy
By RiddleInAMystery
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When the Wizarding World is in trouble, and the Ministry cannot bring order, they decide to put in a royal family, to rule over the people, whilst the Ministry handle the remaining Death Eaters. However the Wizarding World may not survive the fight brewing when Draco chooses Hermione to be His Queen. Hermione has to leave behind the only person she ever loved, but nothing will stop her from bring Draco down a peg or two, no matter the cost. Can this unlikely pairing work, or will the whole world suffer because of one choice? Disclaimer: All rights go to J.K.Rowling in everything used from the books and films. I do not own any characters or places created by the amazing writer, and will not take any credit for them. However the narrative is mine, and I would therefore like to politely ask you not to copy anything from my books, unless first discussed with myself, so that we may come up with an agreement that can benefit all parties involved.


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The Royal...
by RiddleInAMystery