From the perfect st...
By _lilithcarter_
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Kaden Graham Harrison. His world is home to billionaires, future presidents, models and children of diplomats. People who had the power to rule the world before they were even born. He can buy himself everything with the snap of his fingers. Booze. Sex. Money. Power. Luxury. Illegal fights. A future that most people can't even dream of. Kaden and his friends are drowning in those while they are living their college life at one of the most elite universities in the world. They know things that could destroy countries but their own secrets... are much worse. Aleandra Raven. All her life she has tried to prove herself. To teachers, to her siblings and most of all to her parents. She felt like a constant disappointment, even though she would have never showed her true feelings to the people that claimed to love her. Now after years of being locked up in her own cage that she called her home she tries to find herself and live the life her parents would despise. Two societies next to each other but so far away. A collaboration between different worlds. A project that forces them to work together. Luxury. Justice. Love. Dreams. Sex. A found family. And an overprotective brother. Everything begins with them. They were meant to be the perfect start... But nobody said something about the ending. Cover made by me.


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From the...
by _lilithcarter_