Demon Slayer: The D...
By IronDragon19
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Y/N is one of the last dragon breather that can use each of the five elements in each form. During his journey he meets tanjiro along with zenitsu and inosuke and joins them to hunt demons but there will come a time that they'll face the moon ranks. far stronger than any other demons they face but together they will be prepare fight them. Legend say that the Sun breather is the first breathing technique where the five of the elements were originated from. But who was it that guided them to use these elements, who taught them how to use their breathing right? No one knows not even muzan himself. But for those who know it, will know how to weild its breathing but there are few who failed to achieve this ancient technique. (I don't own Demon slayer anime or videos except for oc.) 5/01/22 #2 - malereader #2 - readerxcharacter 6/11/22 #2 - swords 6/19/22 #1 - swords 9/20/2022 #2 - rengoku

Chapter I: Breathe calmly

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Demon Sla...
by IronDragon19