The Alphas Angel
By afrodiiti
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When the moon goddess youngest daughter Ember is sent to earth to protect the Crescent Moon Pack along with her two warrior best friends she is disguised as a nerd,the mute nerd the be exact. Her and her friends are treated like crap but the icing to the cake is when her mate soon to be Alpha Ashton rejects her infront of the whole school for being a mute freak, but when time comes the current Alpha, Alpha Damion gets notice of the rogue war that's about to happen. After Alpha Damion gives them the okay there true identity is now revealed and their purpose. No more are they nerds but the beautiful baddass wolf angels that everyone wants to be friends with especially Alpha Ashton who now realizes what he's done and wants his mate back too bad; if you mess with fire you get burnt.

You've got to be kidding me.

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The Alpha...
by afrodiiti