Blissful You
By slw8911
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Tati and Erik are finally engaged and Jude couldn't be any happier. I mean bridemaids for his picking and/or really hot friends from both sides that he can have endless flings for days... leading up to the wedding. All was great until he meets Amelia Jenks, the maid-of-honor... Amelia Jenks has been Tati's friend for so long that they actually forgot how they met. So when she gets asked to be the maid-of-honor, of course she's ecstatic for sistah from anotha mistah. But when she finds out that Jude is going to be the best man, she's now scared for life. I mean, how can you expect the bad boy to behave around you when your friends call you the "innocent one" since you don't have, um, "experience" and the dude you have to walk down the aisle with is the living Kama Sutra? This is going to be another fun ride but only with Jude and Amelia and hopefully they can enjoy the trip as well. *Just like Blissful Me, there will definitely be some steamy scenes and explicit language. So read with caution!

Oh No! Not Tonight

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by slw8911