The Book Of Jaune F...
By Jaunedice
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Every World has an Underworld even in RWBY I do not own RWBY or Boba Fett copyright belongs to both Rooster Teeth and Disney After his transcripts is revealed he was slowly ostracized by the Academy even his so called friends slowly drifted away from him Weiss was immiedietly the one to leave believing he doesn't deserve to be a Huntsman, second was Blake uncaring for his good intentions thinking he was a hypocrite doing wrong for the sake of right doesn't mean it's good. third was Yang believing him to be untrustworthy. Then his own team Ren being exploited by strangers in the wild and Pyrrha out of concern knowing he will not survive their lifestyle. Only Ruby and Nora stayed with him along with team CFVY. But one day on a mission as they were being overwhelmed by Grimm Jaune elected to hold the line as the teams extract as the teams enter the Bull head the Grimm were getting closer fearing that they may not escape Weiss overruled Ruby's authority and ordered the Pilots to leave with half of the teams agreeing to abandon Jaune while the rest opposed the decision. As the Bullhead enters higher altitude the teams looked out of the window and saw Jaune arrived to the extraction point and he looked up. The teams were shocked that Jaune was able to make some time for their escape as he eliminated the Grimm nearby and the rest were still taking time to get there. They practically left him to die for no reason. Jaune looks up at them, only Blake with her enhanced vision could still see Jaune properly. She looked closely at the empty look on his face as he closed his eyes. She was then shocked as he opens it, his eyes were filled with nothing but Fury. The same eyes that Adam Taurus has. He then faced the Grimm and prepared to die with what little honor he had left. Unknown to him his end was not meant to be.

Chapter 1 - Dead End

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The Book...
by Jaunedice