Doru the hybrid (se...
By dorudragon-wolfy1
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Hi I'm back it seems like that my other account password didn't work for my phone so I decided to make this book for all the fans who love inuyasha but there is a little twist I belong in a pack that abuses me and uses me for whatever they want I decide to escape as I was walking along the road and was attacked I almost died but a man saved my life I end up to be A vampire wolf dragon hybrid very rare and almost fully extinct so I hope you guys all enjoy my little story please comment share and the like I would really appreciate what you guys are doing and I thank you so much ill be doing a question answer every 5 chapters so when the fifth chapter I will do it but you have to ask questions you can't just ate what you want no inappropriate questions these questions ok do we have a deal I can't wait to get started and I thank you all so much for typing this book

chapter 1: burning skin dragon vampire wolf

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Doru the...
by dorudragon-wolfy1