Paint Me, Professor...
By TheRubyWriter_
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SEQUEL TO "PAINT ME, PROFESSOR" | 18+ "You think I'm going to treat you differently now that you're my wife?" Chris asked, circling Ali. She wiggled her tied wrists to free herself, but she knew her efforts were futile. The blindfold wasn't helping either as anxiety and tension rose in her body. He stood behind her and gripped her tied wrists roughly, dragging them down until she fell to her knees with a loud thump. Ali gasped and tensed up as Chris caressed her naked body with his free hand. "Do you think I'll be nicer? Milder? Do you think I'll make love to you like a good husband?" Ali knew this feeling all too well, yet it never got old. Christopher Damon was the only person who had ever made her feel this way: dominated, worshipped, and free. Even now when they were older and she was no longer his student, she still felt his control, his power, his dominance. It was intoxicating and she wanted it all. "No Sir," she replied, gulping. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. "That's right," he said against her ear. He inhaled the lilac perfume in her hair, reminding himself to go slow. Chris ran his left hand up her arm as he got up from the floor. Ali felt the the cold golden ring on his finger as he did so, giving her goosebumps. What he said next, however, made a shiver run icily down her spine: "You're mine to do whatever I please." _____ This book is for mature audiences. You have been warned. 📝 Good Grammar Guaranteed Started: 19 February 2022 Finished: On-going


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Paint Me...
by TheRubyWriter_