Adopted By One Dire...
By kmk0410
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Georgie Lux is a nine year old little girl. She once was an innocent girl but it was all stripped from her. She lived in a bad neighborhood with abusive parents until she was four years old. Her father was a rapist and abuser. He raped and abused her and her mother and would beat them senseless. Somehow, he was caught by the police. With her father gone, even though he was trash, her mother felt lost. She turned to alcohol for help. Slowly degressing from a protective mother, she became abusive as well. Again, somehow, the police miraculously showed up and took her away as well. Now she's in an orphanage and has shut everybody out, until one of the biggest boy bands in the world, One Direction, come looking for a little girl to call their own. Will she learn to love again or will she continue to shut them out as well?

The Adoption

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Adopted B...
by kmk0410