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She was lost and so was he. Who knew that two broken hearts can connect to one. Arabella's world has been rigged since the day she was born. Her fate had been decided for her much longer before she even had been conceived in the womb.So it came as no surprise when she found herself back at the beginning. As if the pain she has previously experienced wasn't enough, she now needs to relearn how to balance her life. She can't help but pray to the universe for a break. She was exhausted from fighting for all she had and watching her life fall apart just as quickly as it had come back together. Dominic's life was something he would forever be grateful for since he knew that he never had it as rough as others. But there were always going to be times that he wanted to give up. With the responsibility of leading an entire mafia and his own past commitment issues, he believes the barrier to letting go is far greater than what others tell him. And when new desires emerge, he notes how his heart skips a beat whenever he sees her. His instinct kicks in, and he raises his barriers twice as high as she lowers hers to make place for him. All I was guilty of, was showing them mercy when no one else would. ~~~ "I saw you, Dominic. I wish you saw me." "I see you." I freeze at his words, my back facing him. "I can only see you. Everything I look at, everything I touch, everything I smell always leads back to you. I spent most of my life thinking that my heart was my biggest weakness. I always imagined that it would be my downfall. I had a loving family and that was enough for me. Getting a girlfriend, getting married, having a family, none of that mattered to me. Before you." He pauses, taking a breath and my eyes water. "I kept any other part of my heart guarded and almost locked. It was as if I didn't have one at all. Even now, its still fucked up. The lock I've kept is warned out though the only person who has its key is you. It's yours."


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