The Night Trickster...
By SplatterDash
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Buddar Wolfin wasn't your average Hylian. She had long hair the color of flames, eyes the color of oak wood, and smooth pale skin. Not only that, but she always wore a yellow tunic and cap, golden high-heeled boots, and blue pants, which was definitely unusual for a normal young woman. Other Hylians were wary of her because of her odd looks, and her parents were long gone, so she had nobody to go to, and nowhere to call home. Her only friend was a small fairy named Lyra. Because the other Hylians didn't approve of her, they wouldn't allow her to work for them or offer hospitality to her, resulting in her becoming a thief. But she didn't complain, she actually enjoyed being sneaky, with the shadow of the night to conceal her. She became quite infamous in Castle Town, many of the townsfolk call her "The Night Trickster". But what happens after she is caught by a boy clad in green?


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The Night...
by SplatterDash