Scarlet sword
By Honey1433
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Valentina Nova Romano, A 16 yrs old with a terrifying past that can make any grown up man shudder. Her ravishing icy blue eyes are just as hollow as her soul. She was found on the steps of a orphanage when she was 2 years old. She was adopted countless times but she either got kicked out or she ran away. She never stayed in one place for too long. Her friends are the only family she had or that's what she thought? What happens when her recent Foster parents dies in a car accident. And she find out that she have a father and 6 FREAKING BROTHERS,who happened to be the third strongest mafia family. ~~~~~~ Romano family was devastated when their only mafia Princess was taken from them, they tried everything to find her, but it was like she vanished from the face of earth. So what happens when one day they got a phone call that change their life for better. They finally get their bambina back but she is not the same girl she used to be, is she? Will they break her icy walls? Will they be able to protect her, or is it too late? Will they be able keep her save ? Did I mention that she is a dangerous assassin and a fighter who never lost ? Or that she is also a Mafia Queen who built her own empire on her own? Will she trust her family? Add a hot heir of Spanish mafia in the mix? What will happen? ~~~~~~ WARNING * Mature themes * Strong language * Torture * Abuse * Self harm,drugs, smoking, alcohol ~~~~~~ Don't copy my work. © copyright The pictures used in this story are NOT MINE. Also english is not my first language. Comments are welcome but don't write mean comments. I write for fun, so I don't have updating shedule but I'll try to update once in a week. ENJOY


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Scarlet s...
by Honey1433