Islam is my Life
By sssilentscreamsss
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+ Step by step becoming a practising teenager! These are all the 'Islam is my Life'-episodes from my book 'You, my punishment'. I wrote in a few chapters Islamic notes in the end with meaningful words. I decided to put all of them in a collection so that you can search through them easily. 'Islam is my Life' is about topics with an Islamic explanation which you can use in your daily basis. I talk about topics in my point of view which could give you a great view of why something is like that. I hope you will like it! -COMING SOON- I am working on a new project called 'step by step becoming a practising teenager' which will be included in this book. Stay tuned! I am not from a country where English is spoken nor do I know it correctly, so there will be grammar mistakes. You have been warned.

Untitled Part 1

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Islam is...
by sssilentscreamsss