Rewriting Sinnoh
By ZelTheWeavile
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"What's your name?" The question was more like a demand, and caught me off guard. My mouth felt dry as I searched my brain for the answer. "I don't know," I told her finally. "How can you not know?!" She stepped closer to me, holding a wooden sphere with a look of distrust. I took a step back in case she felt like hitting me with it. "I can't remember anything at all, I swear!" I finally met her gaze, took in her sparkling blue eyes and long matching hair. A faint pink rose in her cheeks as she caught my gaze watching her. "Hey! What-" "I know you!" I blurted out suddenly. My voice felt like it was speaking purely from memory; I hadn't even thought of what to say. "You're..." My eyes lit up as I was certain of her name. "You're Dawn, right?" ••••• A Pokémon Legends: Arceus story This will likely be short (covering just the main game, no post-game content), at least until I get back into writing. This may change as I progress with the game/story.


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by ZelTheWeavile