Fake-Married to My...
By anselacorsino
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"It doesn't have to be me." He lowers his head to brush his lips over mine. "I want it to be you, Kate." Raul Marin is in trouble. The CEO of one of the biggest clothing companies in the country, he's about to lose his position because of his notoriety as Boston's most dissolute player. That is, unless he can prove to the board of directors that he's a reformed man. A married man. Sensible, no-nonsense Katelin Berano is the best at her job. But when her boss asks her to give up being his executive assistant to be his wife for five years, she has a choice: take the offer or see the man she loves marry someone else. While Raul is determined to protect her from the scandal-hungry public, Kate knows nothing will keep her heart safe from him. And what can she do when she's only too willing to consummate their marriage of convenience? __________________________ Updates every Monday. Content warnings: https://anselacorsino.com/fmmbbCW

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