Prom Night of the L...
By DaniDraven
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Prom, exams, turning your longtime crush into a zombie... life's tough when you're a teenage necromancer. *** Willow has had a crush on Jensen Peters FOREVER. And with prom days away Jensen seems to be finally feeling the same... then a terrible accident leaves him dead in her arms. But Willow's family have hidden a terrible secret. There's dark power in her blood... and it's brought Jensen back. He's now a red-eyed, flesh-eating member of the undead and his insatiable hunger means he's not the only one for long. Along with Jensen's cranky best friend Henry, Willow will now have to stop the zombie apocalypse she's accidentally started. Can she battle the undead, learn the truth of her family's past, save the world and still get to prom on time? Trigger warnings - mild violence, mild gore and references to body image.

Author's Note

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Prom Nigh...
by DaniDraven