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Jisoo,a girl in her early twenties living in a poor neighborhood in Gunpo,gyeonggi province in south korea with her sick mother and her younger brother. Her father abandoned them for a rich women and they were left sinking in dept, but what if one day jisoo had an opportunity to change her life and her family by just watching a girl. Jennie ruby jane or jennie for short a spoiled rich brat who lives off her father's money,she's addicted to partying spending all of her money and drinking.she gotten herself in too much trouble for her father so he decided to get her a personal bodyguard.jennie pretends to be an arrogant and mean girl on the outside but only she knows what's happening on the inside. ------------- "Everybody get down!" I heard someone yell behind us, in a blink of an eye I was pulled away from Kai and I felt an arm wrap around my neck. I didn't know what was happening, everyone was screaming and getting down on the ground. "You'll finally be mine forever Jennie" I heard a familiar voice, I looked up and I saw Lisa standing with a rifle in her hand. Everything started to make sense, she was the one behind all of this. "First of all I would like to thank my dad peace be upon him, and second I wanna say fuck you Kim Jisoo. You have ruined my plan by fucking the love of my life..." Her arm started to tighten around my neck, making it hard to breathe. Where the hell are you Jisoo when I need you. A jensoo fanfic *************


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