The Growing Flame...
By -rainydqys-
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Nuri Aldaine, formerly known as Lila Mason, was finally told the truth. Her best friend had been lying to her the whole time. She didn't really come from the regular human world. She came from a world made of pure fantasy. A world that every little girl dreams of living in. Her heart was absolutely crushed. She didn't know who to trust anymore and she didn't know what to believe. What will she do? Will she give in and trust Prince Jaylen? Will she rebel and run away, neglecting her Royal duties? Or will she ignore Prince Jaylen all together and become the queen she was born to be? Second Installment in The Fire Touch Series - Completely edited. Cover made by @Alexandraling2000 Started: 2/4/22. Ended: 0.0.0 Word count: Unknown. WARNING: Some suggestive language, violent and bloody scenes, and slight make out sessions. Read at your own risk!! 🥈 Place in the category of Fantasy for the Sunset Mini Awards.


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The Growi...
by -rainydqys-