Survival (#Wattys20...
By book_seeker_
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Anastasia, 'Tasha' for everyone, is a suburb teenager at the City, worn clothes, matted hair and skinny she can easily pass unseen by the City guards and most of the population. Plan a future? No, she doesn't know what future is, her only preoccupation is surviving everyday of her life in the hostile environment she was born in. Violence, cowardly behaviour and selfishness are what rule the City, the rules there are simple: you're born in the advantageous districts you live; you come from the suburbs they chase and kill you. She already knew what her life was going to be like: steal food, money, anything she can in order to sustain whilst trying not to get caught, the punishment would be deadly; that is, until a group of strangers comes to visit and old friend and move in at the edge of the City. "Run! I have to keep on running, I can’t stop. Not now. Come on, one last effort and I’ll be in surety. No! No! I feel my legs tiring, darkness creeping in at the edge of my vision … I can still hear their heavy footsteps behind me, three pairs I think…"


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by book_seeker_