Branded By Fate
By QueenOfGeeks
  • Fantasy
  • greekgodsandgoddesses
  • greekmythology
  • harem
  • mutants
  • polyamory
  • reverseharem
  • superhero
  • supernatural
  • superpowers


"You will save the world, but the price shall be falling in love." In a world ruled by the God Fate, where every human is visited by her on their 12th birthday, and bestowed a magical gift and a two sided prophecy for their life. A world where souls each have a fated mate, and those bonds are sealed by a magical black band that appear on your arm sometime after meeting them. Blaze is the first to be gifted with the control of fire in over a 600 years. He is destined for great things, but due to the nature of his fate, he is unsure if love will ever be one of them. When the tyrant general Sirkan kidnaps his aging uncle, and his time comes to save the world, he meets his fated, the beautiful blonde heiress Orla, and with the appearance of their matching black brands, Blaze feels his fate has finally come to pass in a positive way. But what is our hero to do when happily he ever after is not the end the, but only the beginning? When the the fate of the world is once again in his hands, and he meets Sirkans hauntingly beautiful, but equally deadly niece, and a second band suddenly burns itself onto his arm?


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Branded B...
by QueenOfGeeks