Down the Rabbit Hole
By heich0u
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A crossover between Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin and Alice in the Country of Hearts/Heart No Kuni No Alice you don't need to know the two anime/manga above for an understanding of this story Eren Jaeger is a teenager living with his mother and father in England during the 1800's. Trying so hard to fit in, he moves from Germany and now is suddenly surrounded by the English folk. With exotic looks and a clashing attitude he has no luck fitting in. Frustrated and feeling hopeless, one day he sits under the oak tree behind his home. The next thing Eren knows, a rabbit unwillingly drags him and throws him down a dark hole! Eren suddenly finds himself immersed in another world where customs are completely different and even some people have animal ears on their heads! What happens when he meets the locals of this world? Will he end up trying to find a way out or will he decide to stay? Well, meaning if he actually fits in this crazy world for once.

Fragmented Dreams of Sleep

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Down the...
by heich0u