The Parting
By rjblue22
  • Short Story
  • brokenheart
  • firstlove
  • infatuation
  • love
  • morale
  • parents
  • relationship
  • spiritual


She embraced brokenness with gladness and prepared all the cost for true love-such love she never thought existed and never thought she can have. He's a family oriented lad who took pride out of their love and sworn to give the bread and butter for his family. He promised to stand by her through eternity even if he has to bargain it with his beloved family. Like oil and water, their chemistry was tough. But loving each other dearly gives them strength to endure. When they turned 60,will they be smiling with compassion and gratitude for each others' company or will they be sorry for the wasted moments they failed to stand with their vows? Some jumped into marriage like excited adventurers for a camping. Some invested on it like businessmen with hidden agenda. But when they married out of Love - only them who did can feel such overwhelming bliss and madness.


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The Parti...
by rjblue22