The Strangest of Fr...
By fatefulcoincidence
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When those two walkers chased Sofia into the woods, she was terrified. She had never really been one for the outdoors and she sure wasn't warming up to the place now. Sofia kept running and running knowing that if she stopped even once, it could mean her death. Rick saved her once, but not this time. The situation was the same but on other terms. That was her only option until she was swooped up from the forest floor by an unseen force. And before she could ask who they were or why they had grabbed her, she felt an extreme throbbing in her head and everything began to darken and fuzz around the edges. She knew that she was passing out, but was so determined to see the face of her kidnapper, but when she saw their face, she'd wished she was dead. What she didn't know was that her savior from that day, though a strange one, would eventually become her best friend in her infected world. And that she owes her life to one of the same things that she'd been running from that fateful day.

Hide and Run for Your Life

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The Stran...
by fatefulcoincidence