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BOOK ONE || Don't look at them. Don't speak to them. Do not ever attract their attention. They walk among us, enrapturing us with their enthralling presence and enticing powers. Bewitching smiles and terrifying eyes: they can sense your fear and feel the beat of your pulsating heart. All is well, all is calm, all is serene...if only for a moment. When the forces of good fight against the forces of bad, there will only be one true victor--- and to be the victor, one must obtain the key. Nalin Percival is that key. Born to an angel and demon, this young boy faces the cruel reality of prejudice and discrimination in a realm where white magic prevails against its darker counterpart. Searching for a precious childhood friend, thrusted in the middle of a prophecy, and bracing the recall of the harrowing memories of a forgotten past, Nalin struggles to keep the balance between the frightening rise of a dark power from within. || Light BL ||

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